Supported Holidays?

Short Breaks?

and Respite Care?

ALL the terms above have been used to discribe holiday breaks, wether they are for a carer or the person reciving care

Are you one of Lincolnshire’s 84,000 unpaid family carers?

Do you deliver hours of unpaid care ?

Over 20,000 of Lincolnshire's informal carers provide more than 50 hours of care per week. Carers provide care for people with varying levels of need and different conditions. Being a carer can have significant impact on the person's own health and wellbeing. We recognise that carers need support in their caring role and ensure their own needs are not neglected.

One way in which carers can be supported is by accessing a supported holiday or short break usually known as Respite Care, allowing them time away from their caring role. A suitable supported holiday or short break for a carer may differ from one carer to the other as it should depend on the individual carers personal needs and the outcome they are wanting to achieve by taking a break from caring.

Knowing the person, you care for will be supported by professional carer’s in a comfortable centre that can provide a range of experiences and opportunities, will enable you the carer to enjoy a break that can be use as you wish. To support you in accessing work or education, training and recreational activities or just to have some important time for yourself.

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