What Should I bring? Image result for smiley face images with slippers

We are proud of our centre and we hope you will help us to keep it clean, indoor shoes or slippers help to keep the dirt on the outside. Pyjamas and a dressingown are recomended as you will be sharing public space in the house.

Cash, you will need money for buying food, drink and personal items when outside of the centre. We are able to help with using money, if this is agreed in advance, and a transaction sheets will be used to record ALL monies brought to the centre and ALL expenditure during your stay

If you take any regular medication please bring a list of the medication, dose and what time you normaly take it.

If you require personal higine products please ensure you bring more than enough to cover your stay (we can not provide these unles agreed prior to accepance of your booking.

If you have any special diatary requirments or allergies please let us know, before you arive