Planning for Independant Living?

We belive that everyone should be given the opportunity to be as independant as possible, from making a meal, to living in your own place. We recognize some people will need more help than others, but this is not a reason not to try to do new things, or learn to do as much as you are able.

A great way to increase your independance is to practice some skills in a safe enviornment with well trained staff that know how to help "you to do" but not "do for you", anything that you can do for yourself. That is what FocusAbilitiy's new respite and Independant living centre is all about, if that is what you want it to be,

Talk to one of our staff for more information on how we can help you to set goals and plan for your stay, we will work at your pace, what is important for us is that your stay with us, achieves what you want it to.